Information about our work and error reports

2013-01-16 If crashes occurs after updating Rabbit Story from 1.11 to 1.15. Try uninstalling the app and download it again.

2013-01-06 Episode two is now released and swipe have been implemented to the game. A global highscore list have been added, you can now compete against the whole world in highscore. An information page with instructions about the game have been added. Just click on the menu tree eyes to get to it.

2012-10-05 We are happy to announce that "Rabbit Story" have recived the The Reviewers Award 2012 from and the Best App Reward from Best App Market. We thank the users for the reviews and the crew at and BAM.

2012-09-22 New update released Rabbitstory version 1.11 due to problems posted

2012-09-21. We are very greatful to those of you who send us crasch reports since it is the only way for us to improve our product. So please keep sending us bug reports and tell us what device you are using. If you have other questions or just want to give us some feedback you can post it on our facebook wall or in a facebook mail. We will now focus on the next episode wich will contain swipe movement. We hope to be ready for a release whitin a couple of weeks. Wish you all a great weekend!

2012-09-21 We are currently working on problems with the new version 1.10 for those of you that have updated from a previous version. If RabbitStory crash after updating to version 1.10 a work around is to uninstall the app and then install the new version again. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and we will try to get a new update out during this weekend.